Half-Term in a picture

Last week was the half-term break for us. It has been quite hectic getting the big girl settled into big school so I was looking forward to having a week off from the school run and a bit of down time.  How did that go I hear you ask?

I think the below illustrates that just perfectly.


Thanks so much to Kids Books Are Weird for the fab tip….. use toothpaste? Never heard of this before, but it bloody well works! My door handle is now Sharpie free. Yay.

If you want to read more about Half-term goings on check out our Half-term Journal 

This post is bought to you in the spirit of the very funny Brummumummy of 2 and her celebrated snap shots of REAL LIFE WITH KIDS (Click on the badge below and check out some pretty hilarious snaps of some other little darlings)


Thanks Emma for hosting such a fab linky, wish I’d been there every week *kicks oneself*. So long Wicked Wednesday.

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