SCREW YOU MUM……I’ve got a poorly finger

I found myself being followed around the house by this the other week….


It turns out he was rather annoyed by the fact that I was unable to find a plaster for the minutest of ‘poor poor’s’ on the bird giving finger.

This charming picture of the boy is bought to you in the spirit of the very funny Brummumummy of 2 celebrated snap shots of REAL LIFE WITH KIDS.


Three Kids in Three Years; 10 things you should know

There was a time when I would not have believed that we would end up with three kids, especially having them in three years. I really couldn’t have begun to imagine what that would be like – I mean that just sounded completely hideous. Who would do that?

Well we did and I now know exactly what its like.

A life full of chaos and pandemonium, plate spinning and head ringing noise is now the norm and simply what we have accepted as part of our lives. We never seem to come quietly and our family dynamic rarely allows us to blend into the background and go unnoticed. We attract plenty of interest into how we get by and how this all works. So if you were interested, let me tell you what its like to have three kids in three years.

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