The Threesypeasy way to throw a kids party.

There comes a time when every parent faces the reality that they will probably have to throw a kids party. Maybe you will be strong enough to avoid such an event for the time being but eventually it is going to happen and you will not be able to escape it.

I have recently, joyfully assembled thrown together a party for the eldest child’s 4th birthday. She had been talking about a party for weeks, so folding under the pressure and with misguided confidence I decided to have a go. Seriously how hard can this be I thought?

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The dreaded trip to A&E

This morning I had to take a trip to A&E with the middle child. I wouldn’t consider myself a neurotic or panicky mum as I can normally take a step back from the scene of an incident and assess whether or not it can be sorted with either  a) a hug and a biscuit, b) by applying a Disney plaster, or c) if we need to seek the opinion of an expert. But after this mornings incident, my thoughts were not about what method of soothing I was going to choose or when the ‘please stop crying’ bribery biscuit was going to be administered, but I was overwhelmed by thoughts about what people were going to think. I was 99% certain that this would be an A&E visit but I was too busy stressing over how people would view me to consider what was best for my boy. My judgement was clouded.

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