National Book Day Fun


So Book Day is upon us again and I imagine lots of your are, right about now scrambling around for costumes. Or maybe you’re organised and have them hanging and ready to go. Good on you. Or you may even be super special and have hand crafted a costume. Yay for you.

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Our Half-Term Journal

So last week was half term for us. After a hectic first term at big school, I was looking forward to not having to do the school run and generally just knobbing about in our pj’s. Everyone was evil tired and well and truly in need of some down time. I didn’t have anything planned, apart from a little something for school girls birthday. We were just going to chill, have a play and some general together time. Lovely. As part of the big girls ‘Home Learning’ she needed to put together a journal of all the things she had done over the break, so this is what she produced; with some supporting commentary from mummy.

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Threesy does getting the kids to drink water

Having now weaned three children, I’d like to think that it makes me slightly competent enough to offer some advice on the subject. I wouldn’t say I’m an Annabel-Karmel-home-made-burger-faces with-spaghetti-hair kind of expert but I am quite far from the novice holy-fuck-how-do-I-purée-a-carrot stage (don’t roll your eyes as surviving on -15 hours sleep makes a simple task like this quite a brainteaser).

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Threesypeasy Gets Festive (same shit different season)

So there’s only 15 sleeps till Santa comes and everyone in the Threesypeasy house is getting rather excited about the big mans arrival. I love Christmas and really hope that it will be just as special for my kids as it was for me when I as younger. I am really excited about all the things that Christmas brings, after all Tis the season to be jolly. Its a time for putting the decorations up whilst Now that’s what I call Christmas compilation album plays in the background, family trips to see Santa, Christmas crafts and Baking mince pies, Christmas shopping, Nativity play preparations and moving excitedly through the advent calendar towards the big day.

Sounds great, but Tis also the season to be deluded. The kids will still be kids as of 1st December as you enter another season of feeling under pressure to do everything and do  it perfectly.

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The Threesypeasy way to throw a kids party.

There comes a time when every parent faces the reality that they will probably have to throw a kids party. Maybe you will be strong enough to avoid such an event for the time being but eventually it is going to happen and you will not be able to escape it.

I have recently, joyfully assembled thrown together a party for the eldest child’s 4th birthday. She had been talking about a party for weeks, so folding under the pressure and with misguided confidence I decided to have a go. Seriously how hard can this be I thought?

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Threesypeasy FAQ’s

When I became pregnant with my third I never could have imagined the attention it would bring my way until I became noticeably pregnant. Some of the looks I was given were priceless; this is an illustration below of how it would go,

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