When Parenting Karma Bites you in the Ass

A strange thing happened the other week, whilst on holiday. It was an unusual moment, which rarely hardly ever happens. I can’t remember the last time this happened at home, let alone  being able to experience it abroad. It was a joyful moment where I wasn’t quite sure if I was conscious and perhaps dead maybe, off somewhere in parenting heaven. So what was this divine moment I hear you ask. Well it was quite simply;


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Big school is just around the corner.

So its happening lady. Its fast approaching. Its imminent. You will very soon be at big school. You’re growing up.                                                             

It only seems like five minutes ago that you came into the world. I can remember it like it was yesterday,  the pain (oh god the pain) and then the overwhelming  feeling of joy when you were handed to me all slimy and squishy. You seemed so delicate, I was terrified I would break you, I didn’t have a clue. I never realised how overwhelming becoming a mum would be or how intense keeping you safe would feel.Very soon you will be setting off on a journey which will take you off into the big wide world (possibly not Europe as we may be told to knob off,  will explain that one to you one day – but there’s more world outside Europe) and I will miss these days where I could keep you here with me all safe and sound.

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