Confessions of a Golf Widow

I currently find myself at a stage in my life where I seem to be side-lined to the new passion in his life. Many women, pushing forty with kids, may find themselves in a similar position. You may have witnessed your other halves retire themselves from a physical sport such as Football or Rugby due to dodgy knees, niggly backs, the pressure of family life or their expanding waste lines and you may begin to look forward to them being around the house a bit more, helping with the chores, tinkering in the garden and entertaining the kids while you have a little lie down.

But no, how wrong can you be.

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Redefining the Holiday

After arriving home from our holiday I felt exhausted and in need of another holiday to recover. Which is not really how you would expect to feel after the holiday of a lifetime and come to think of it not how you would normally define a holiday. If you look up the definition of holiday in the dictionary it will probably look something like this;


You see words like ‘break’, ‘rest’ and ‘week off’ which was relevant to the pre-kid years as you were able to break away from the routine, recuperate from the hectic life and you really lived the ‘week off’. This is not quite the case when you’re on holiday with the kids. Because kids will still be kids regardless of which side of the world you’re on, they’ll still need the comfort of a routine, they’ll still need their sleep and unlike any other job in the world being a mum is something you’ll just never be able to have a ‘week off’ from.

So maybe it’s about changing the expectations and redefining the holiday, because that’s why we always feel deflated right – when outcomes don’t quite match our expectations? You need to remember that the little people travelling with you don’t understand the approach, ‘yeah sure why not you’re on holiday’ because they can’t quite grasp it and the ‘lets stay out for another drink’ is really going to screw you the next day when they are all evil tired.

So I’ve sat and ran through my expectations of holidays and kind of come to the conclusion that I am a bit of a knob and I really need to alter them. So here’s my stab at changing them and trying to look at things in a different way.



So considering all of the above, we nailed it. Becoming a parent is life changing. Holidays are no exception. Life, including holidays, is different, but different in a fucking awesome way.

Barbados 2016 340

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Tots 100 Awards

Liebster Award


Am pretty chuffed to have been nominated for a Liebster Award as it means that someone out there is finding my blog mildly entertaining. So thanks to A Reluctant Mummy for the nomination and thanks for following my blog (the bag of used fivers has been left in the usual place). Please check out her blog she is very funny and most importantly keeping it real (another crazy lady who has had kids so close).

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The Perfect Mothers Club


Minimum qualifications are Degrees/Masters/PHD. These are clearly required to make responsible choices for our children and our family. Having three kids in three years is irresponsible parenting and inappropriate.

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Holiday Memoirs Part Four; Holidays with kids, 10 reasons why I am a knob

I am a bugger for being way to critical on myself especially when things don’t turn out exactly like I imagined. Sometimes though, I really need to pay attention to the voices in my head and accept what they are telling me and that I can quite frankly be a bit of a knob. This is especially true when it comes to family holidays. Here’s 10 reasons why……

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