Clock Changes; Spring Forward Set Backs for the Bedtime Routine

So clocks went forward on Sunday and we lost an hour of our precious sleep, on Mothers Day as well which seems doubly cruel! On the bright side, it does mean that summer is officially on its way. Yay!

However, this week could be a bit of nightmare as we battle to get the kiddos used to the change.  It feels like we’ve only just got to grips with the clocks going back at the beginning of winter and now there is another sodding clock change to properly screw up that recently nailed bedtime routine.

Their little internal clocks are going to need a bit of adjusting.

clock change 2

Reasoning with them is futile. I mean how are you meant to explain it to a 4-year-old?

clock change 4


There are lots of tips out there on how to help the little ones adjust to the clock changes; adjusting the bed time over a couple of weeks (oops little bit late on this one), getting them out a bit more in the light (mmm about the time when April showers hit) and wearing them out and adjusting the wake up time (pah). Plus there are also some fab tools like fancy clocks to use (don’t get me started).

Sometimes though, when stamina and patience have completely left the building there’s really only one thing you can do.

CLock change 3


So I’d like to say a big thanks to giving us an extra hour light in the evening, it’s just that we’re too bloody exhausted to enjoy said lighter evenings after having battled to get them into bed.

Good luck this week everyone!

So long January I Hate You

So we’re at the end of January. The recycling bin still clanks loudly when anything is chucked in it due to the amount of wine bottles that it houses and I am still sporting a little bit of a muffin top over my size 12 skinny jeans.

I hate you January.

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A Christmas Note To Self

So we’re well into December. Yay.  We’re all officially excited about Christmas (well I have been for a while now, I just kept it on the down low in fear of people telling me to fuck off and die). The decorations are up (don’t worry they went up post 1st December so no baby reindeer’s were drowned by raging elves*), the present buying is well under way so Christmas has well and truly begun. Excited – much!

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Being ‘Mum Ill’

Illness struck the other week. One by one we fell to a dreaded sickness  bug. It hit us, quite literally, at the crapiest of times – like in the middle of the night. For most of the ‘ill’ week  we found ourselves with a sick child sandwiched between us in bed. With one hand on a sick bowl, we spent most of the night poised ready to take a blow. There was very little sleep had, so as you can imagine the mood of the house was not at its best.

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Half-Term in a picture

Last week was the half-term break for us. It has been quite hectic getting the big girl settled into big school so I was looking forward to having a week off from the school run and a bit of down time.  How did that go I hear you ask?

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Stating the obvious – just knob off!

The saying goes…’If you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all’.

So true – for obvious reasons.

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Childbirth; A family event?

Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools sparked off quite a few discussions this week with the birth of their fifth child. It wasn’t anything to do with the name they have chosen, which hasn’t been announced yet but I imagine it will be a little ‘out there’, but more to do with the fact that their two eldest daughters were present at the final moments when Jools popped him out, even mucking in a little and cutting the cord.

For me, the idea of this sent a shiver down my spine, possibly due to the fact that I instantly imagined how the situation would transpire in our family.

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Big school is just around the corner.

So its happening lady. Its fast approaching. Its imminent. You will very soon be at big school. You’re growing up.                                                             

It only seems like five minutes ago that you came into the world. I can remember it like it was yesterday,  the pain (oh god the pain) and then the overwhelming  feeling of joy when you were handed to me all slimy and squishy. You seemed so delicate, I was terrified I would break you, I didn’t have a clue. I never realised how overwhelming becoming a mum would be or how intense keeping you safe would feel.Very soon you will be setting off on a journey which will take you off into the big wide world (possibly not Europe as we may be told to knob off,  will explain that one to you one day – but there’s more world outside Europe) and I will miss these days where I could keep you here with me all safe and sound.

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Mothering Under the Influence

It is post child bedtime as I sit here writing this post, to the right of me sits a rather large glass of red wine, which if I’m honest I have been looking forward to since about 3.30 this afternoon. If I’m going to be really honest I would say that this is typical of most days. Ok so being even more truthful on some days I have sat at the dinner table gripping a large glass of wine in an effort to protect my sanity amidst a situation similar to feeding time at the zoo. The remainder of the bottle usually sits patiently on the side, waiting for the children to go bed so we can have some alone time.

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Double Buggy Buggers

With three kids under the age of three, the Double buggy was crucial to getting out and about. Braving the town, or anywhere outdoors, with three small children in tow, made one of these monstrosities essential.

I did consider ‘wearing’ the third child (such a crap saying, I was just going to carry him around in a sling) and continuing with the normal stroller, but having been left with half a back and a floaty hip (as a result of SPD – Urgh), I decided that my body had reached its maximum loaded child bearing weight and having found the Tandem Buggy way too heavy, I opted for the Double Buggy to wheel him and remaining children around in.

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