Threesy does it

Most people I meet gasp in horror when I tell them that I have a three children so close in age. I often get a lot of double takes when I’m out as people check back to make sure they really did see three children squashed into a double nipper. The common questions from all I meet is “how do you do it?” and “are you mad?”. Not sure and yes, completely.

So Threesy does it will be the threesypeasy guide on how we get things done or not done, which tends to be the theme sometimes. As regularly as I can, I will post little snippets of our life which will give you an insight into how we get by. I am by no means an expert, I’m still learning and I’m still getting my knickers in a twist on a regular basis. I am loosening the grip on the parenting books* and focusing on living our life in our way.   I am giving the middle finger to everything and everyone that has made me feel that life needs to look something like this …

“Oh how wonderfully presented everyone is when I come back from work and the house looks amazing” said him “Here’s your favourite chocolate cake that I always bake for you darling, you must be exhausted after your day at work ” said she

Because I have no idea how that is achieved. Who can live this life? I give up, its impossible to look half decent, keep the kids stain free have the house presentable all for when the other half comes home. In reality parenting and life is a bit more icky especially when you’ve had three kids in three years.

*there are many useful parenting books out there with some great approaches but I have always struggled with relating them to our life. For example; thoughts about the positioning of a time out spot would eventually lead me to conclude that the house is crap and we need to move because there are no suitable time out spots??? *Cuckoo*

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