The dreaded trip to A&E

This morning I had to take a trip to A&E with the middle child. I wouldn’t consider myself a neurotic or panicky mum as I can normally take a step back from the scene of an incident and assess whether or not it can be sorted with either  a) a hug and a biscuit, b) by applying a Disney plaster, or c) if we need to seek the opinion of an expert. But after this mornings incident, my thoughts were not about what method of soothing I was going to choose or when the ‘please stop crying’ bribery biscuit was going to be administered, but I was overwhelmed by thoughts about what people were going to think. I was 99% certain that this would be an A&E visit but I was too busy stressing over how people would view me to consider what was best for my boy. My judgement was clouded.

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