2016 Bloggy Award Time

Well this happened, albeit later than the rest of you, but it happened.

Anyways I’d convinced myself that my little blog was nowhere near good enough to be in with the minutest of chances. But then…

So if by any chance you find this blog mildly entertaining or remotely useful, if you fancy it, give us a vote for best newcomer or all round general amazingness.

Tots 100 Awards

So who will I be nominating? Not really sure of what categories but here’s a list of faves who will definitely get my vote.

Brummymummy of 2, Ethan & Evelyn, You Baby Me Mummy, Life with Baby Kicks, A Reluctant Mummy, Admissions of a Working Mother, Mr and Mrs T plus Three, The Real Lara Shoe, Emma Plus Three, Wry Mummy, Five Little Doves, Mummy Here and There, Meastro Mummy, Hurrah For Gin

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