National Book Day Fun


So Book Day is upon us again and I imagine lots of your are, right about now scrambling around for costumes. Or maybe you’re organised and have them hanging and ready to go. Good on you. Or you may even be super special and have hand crafted a costume. Yay for you.

For some us it’s just another head f**k to wrestle with. Quite often, it ends with the feeling of utter crappness that we’re not putting our all into it. We may even forget and feel extremely guilty that they had to go to school in their uniform because there wasn’t enough time in between dealing with the other kids, work and life crap etc.

I think book day is great, but it’s just another ‘thing’ to have to deal with. Getting the eldest to sit and actually read her school book is hard enough let alone sorting costumes out….plus there’s three of them to sort. It can be quite a pain in the ass and is most often over complicated…..




So it doesn’t have to be a stress. Just walk yourself over to the dress up pile that the kids have or whiz past the pound shop.

The moral of this little story is; firstly, book day doesn’t define you as a mum, secondly, don’t spend the evening having strange conversations with the sewing machine, kick back with a glass of wine. Finally, always read those letters that they put in your kids bag as you may realise that the school are not asking the kids to dress up, they just want them to bring in their favourite book.


Thank you school for making it all about the books!

One Messy Mama


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