Choona Gate

The incident, now referred to as ‘Choona Gate’, occurred a couple of months ago.  At first, it was the usual post school chaos, full of meltdowns, squabbling and demands for snacks. I was about to start getting tea on, completely unaware of the shit storm that I was about to be engulfed in.

Lulled into a false sense of security, I was delighted with the older child’s enthusiasm to do a bit of writing. She wanted to write the menu for dinner. Great I thought. It wasn’t just great, I was actually ecstatic, as so far there had been little enthusiasm for any form of reading or writing. Am all over this. No problem, I thought.

This is where it starts to go horribly wrong.


Explanations fail miserably. I mean, how can it make sense to a five-year old, when to be honest there’s no solid rules! We are now in meltdown.

After twenty minutes or so, things calm and we are writing again.

So yes, yes, I should have let her write it phonetically. My fault. It would have been avoided. In my defence, it made sense to me, to teach her how to spell the tricky words straight off rather than correct her further down the line. I now know differently.

From now on, we will only be eating jam, ham and eggs for our dinner, until we move through to the next set of sounds.

After finishing the menu, she decided she wanted to write the date.

It was Tuesday.



17 thoughts on “Choona Gate

    1. It’s great fun isn’t it! I have the middle boy starting in September and the youngest starting next September ….I’m actually terrified of the triple homework traumas xx thanks for stopping by


    1. Oo your poor bladder! Ha x glad you enjoyed…… I was laughing and crying during that incident. It hasn’t got any easier…..phonics are the bane of my life at the minute . Thanks for stopping by x


    1. I fear this is just the tip of the iceberg for us! I’ve left her to spell stuff phonetically recently and its been calm but am now trying to encourage the correct spelling on words so watch this space for ‘Tuesday Gate’, ‘knickers gate’, ‘island gate’…oh i could go on forever 😂😂 Thanks for linking up #FabFridayPost


  1. It certainly is a crazy language to try and make sense of isn’t it? My kids now just ask “is that one of those weird doesn’t follow any of the rules words?” accompanied by an eye roll.

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    1. Haha brilliant this is exactly what we’ve been saying …. ‘this is one of them weird words’. I’ve never really thought about the complexities of it before until now that I’m trying to explain it ..aargh! Thanks for linking up #FabFridayPost


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