Threesypeasy Gets Festive (same shit different season)

So there’s only 15 sleeps till Santa comes and everyone in the Threesypeasy house is getting rather excited about the big mans arrival. I love Christmas and really hope that it will be just as special for my kids as it was for me when I as younger. I am really excited about all the things that Christmas brings, after all Tis the season to be jolly. Its a time for putting the decorations up whilst Now that’s what I call Christmas compilation album plays in the background, family trips to see Santa, Christmas crafts and Baking mince pies, Christmas shopping, Nativity play preparations and moving excitedly through the advent calendar towards the big day.

Sounds great, but Tis also the season to be deluded. The kids will still be kids as of 1st December as you enter another season of feeling under pressure to do everything and do  it perfectly.

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