Not so Crafty

So, giving in to the kids requests to do some painting I set them up for a bit of creative time in the garden. A genius idea, I thought, as no mess in doors and as soon as the rain came it would wash away any stray paint. Winner. Or so I thought.


Cue toddler and within seconds, this happened.


The toddler gets his face painted. This is the very reason why I often find myself a bag of nerves at the mere mention of messy play or craft time.

This post is bought to you in the spirit of the very funny Brummumummy of 2 and her celebrated snap shots of REAL LIFE WITH KIDS (Click on the badge below and check out some pretty hilarious snaps of some other little darlings)


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SCREW YOU MUM……I’ve got a poorly finger

I found myself being followed around the house by this the other week….


It turns out he was rather annoyed by the fact that I was unable to find a plaster for the minutest of ‘poor poor’s’ on the bird giving finger.

This charming picture of the boy is bought to you in the spirit of the very funny Brummumummy of 2 celebrated snap shots of REAL LIFE WITH KIDS.


Wicked Wednesday

My first linky EVER with Brummy Mummy of 2

The perfect family day out planned to Disney on Ice followed by a lovely stroll through Birmingham stopping off for a bite to eat.

What could possibly go wrong?

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