Wicked Wednesday

My first linky EVER with Brummy Mummy of 2

The perfect family day out planned to Disney on Ice followed by a lovely stroll through Birmingham stopping off for a bite to eat.

What could possibly go wrong?

Then you realise you’re going out for the day with the kids.

Mummy and Daddy have paid 100 odd sodding quid for this day out so if you could just smile that would be great. Ok lets try again. Look at the camera. Smile. Oh forget it.

But I shall keep on planning family days out with visions of perfect family harmony because I am completely insane.

A Perfectly Insane Family Day Out


6 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday

  1. Hahaha. I know this too well. Especially when you have a few kiddies getting them all looking happy AND at the camera is pretty much the equivalent of an act of God.

    Hope you enjoy the linkie, I’m on my second week 🙂


  2. Just getting them all happy at the same time is as about as regular as an eclipse so I really have no chance with a camera in my hand. Will never learn and will keep on trying!
    Enjoying the linkie, as its suits our life perfectly! x thanks for your comment x

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