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I have been a mum for nearly four years now and I have to say it has been the most challenging and most rewarding role I have ever undertook.  Like many of you out there I have felt overwhelmed by the pressure and intensity that comes with loving and caring for these tiny little things that seem so delicate and unpredictable. Not only has it been challenging in the respect of finding my feet in the parenting world but challenging with respect to juggling three so young. Yep, I’ve had three of these little lovelies – in three years.

I have only recently stumbled into the world of parenting blogs and I have read some amazing posts which have helped me laugh when I could have cried, but most importantly have left me feeling an immense sense of relief. Relief that I am not on my own in my thoughts and feelings -that I am completely normal (well, sort of). I am not the only one who has been on the verge of running out the door and hitch hiking to…. well I don’t know where I would have gone but it would have been somewhere quiet and lovely. I am not the only one who has felt the waves of guilt at the end of the day as I reflect upon the days failings. Most importantly they have also helped me to accept that I’m not going to get it right all the time and I should not beat myself over the head with a bat every time it doesn’t go according to plan. Being a bit rubbish is just how it is some of the time.

I am a stay at home mum so my time is spent spent raising three kids and guiding them on their journey through life. Being a part of this journey is priceless and ridiculously funny at times. But I have spent a lot of my time beating myself up and becoming distracted by trying to be someone I am not which has left me wondering where the hell was I during the past three years! I have lots of photos but its all a blur. So I have decided to join all you mother bloggers out there by sharing our moments as a way to live in the moments. So here is my Blog about life with three kids in three years and with the first official Threesypeasy blog post I would like start off by saying a big thank you to the some of the amazing parent bloggers out there that I have so far been introduced to.

untitledUnmumsy mum for making me wee my pants (with laughter, not due to weak pelvic floor muscles) with your comical view on everything about being a mum. I can now comfortably admit its a bit boring sometimes; there is only so much Peppa Pig a girl can take!

untitledBrummy Mummy of 2 for helping me say boll***s to the pressure I put myself under and sticking to my guns over my parenting decisions. I bottle fed all of mine; there I have come of the bottle feeders closet!

untitledHurrah for gin for for highlighting the useless things we buy because somebody told us they’d be useful? I too bought a bath thermometer but I went one further and bought a room thermometer. I could now identify the room temperature so I knew the specific amounts of blankets I needed to put on because obviously I would completely lose the ability to distinguish between hot and cold when the baby was born????

untitledYes Baby Bible I too want my old self to shine through and be the girl my other half once new. Raising awareness of PND is so important; is really is rubbish and it makes being a mum really crappy.

untitledHands Free Mama for sharing the effects of being distracted and perfection obsessed. I am constantly bullying myself and I am learning to get rid of the critical voices in my head.

untitledParentnormal for the very funny outlook on life with toddlers and making it normal to laugh and not cry.

I know there are many more amazing blogs out there that I am yet to discover and in between wiping arses and cleaning sticky door handles I may get to read. I am just scratching the surface. My only one regret is that I didn’t find you all sooner as I know that it would have turned a lot of crappy days into happy days.  They say laughter is the best medicine and if we didn’t laugh we’d cry. I know I chose laughter.

So  here goes me into this new world of blogging.

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