Holiday Memoirs Part Four; Holidays with kids, 10 reasons why I am a knob

I am a bugger for being way to critical on myself especially when things don’t turn out exactly like I imagined. Sometimes though, I really need to pay attention to the voices in my head and accept what they are telling me and that I can quite frankly be a bit of a knob. This is especially true when it comes to family holidays. Here’s 10 reasons why……

1) Treating myself to designer sunglasses that will be ripped of my head at every opportunity by the toddler. Hoping for a small miracle so they survive the holiday. KNOB

2) Filling a case full of food and all manner of things to cover all scenarios, forgetting that it’s not just in England that people have children or food. KNOB

3) Having a drink while the kids are in bed, thinking that we have been transported back to 1997. The club hits come on and after a few too many beers, we are dancing around till the early morning and spending the next day with a hangover with the kids. KNOB(S)

4) Picturing the amazing tan that I’m going to go home with because of course I’m going to be able sit and sun bathe. KNOB

5) Breaking the routine – yeah lets stop out a bit longer and have another cocktail, of course you can have ice cream for your tea, sure, have another coke – we’re on us holidays! As if we are immune from all consequences resulting from this type of stupidity when we are abroad. KNOB(S)

6) Loading the buggy up like a cart horse on a trip to the beach, forgetting the rules of buggy equilibrium. KNOB

7) Thinking that the holiday will be relaxing. HAHAHA. KNOB

8) Only going to a bar that will allow us to get happy hour deals on kids juices. KNOB

9) Taking a book. HAHAHA. KNOB

10) Wearing white at the end of the holiday to show off your tan. Which is completely ridiculous as you just end up looking liking a zebra who’s rolled in tomato ketchup. KNOB

Sometimes expectations can bite us in the bum. Holidays with the kids are definitely times when they need to be adjusted.

Barbados 2016 196


Final part of my Holiday Memoirs coming soon…. Part 5; Holidays Redefined



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