Holiday Memoirs Part One; Preparing for the family holiday.

Booked it, packed it, fucked off.

Was pretty much how we used to roll in our pre-children days. We picked out a destination with minimal criteria – just because that’s where we fancied going. We packed the night before as we didn’t need much. Then we literally got up and walked out the door; we fucked off. There was little preparation, it was quite simple; bikini, flip flops, passports, tickets, all in our carry on bag because we wanted to walk straight of the plane into the nearest bar or restaurant (obviously not in a bikini, I did take a couple of dresses, merely trying to illustrate the simplicity here. Oh and not forgetting the make-up, as if).

It was simple.

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What a difference a day makes……here’s to the 366 of them in 2016

Twenty four little hours….

Is it all it takes to go from the glorious sunshine of the Caribbean 4000 miles away to the grey and dreary cold of the midlands. One day you’re scantily clad because its proper hot and the next your throwing on every item of clothing that you own because its bloody freezing. Its amazing how quickly life can become completely contradictory of what it was just moments before.

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The Threesypeasy way to throw a kids party.

There comes a time when every parent faces the reality that they will probably have to throw a kids party. Maybe you will be strong enough to avoid such an event for the time being but eventually it is going to happen and you will not be able to escape it.

I have recently, joyfully assembled thrown together a party for the eldest child’s 4th birthday. She had been talking about a party for weeks, so folding under the pressure and with misguided confidence I decided to have a go. Seriously how hard can this be I thought?

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A note to Bounty from a third time mum….

Dear Sirs/Madams at Bounty,

I am a mum of three, who is very familiar with the Bounty advice and support around all things pregnancy and parenting relating. As a new mum, I spent many an hour on your website during the middle of the night trying to figure out how to tackle some of the conundrums that the little darlings throw at us.  I am really grateful for your commitment to providing valuable advice to us mum’s; much appreciated, keep it up.

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Threesypeasy FAQ’s

When I became pregnant with my third I never could have imagined the attention it would bring my way until I became noticeably pregnant. Some of the looks I was given were priceless; this is an illustration below of how it would go,

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Big Bloggin Thank you

THANK YOU on speech bubble price labels

I have been a mum for nearly four years now and I have to say it has been the most challenging and most rewarding role I have ever undertook.  Like many of you out there I have felt overwhelmed by the pressure and intensity that comes with loving and caring for these tiny little things that seem so delicate and unpredictable. Not only has it been challenging in the respect of finding my feet in the parenting world but challenging with respect to juggling three so young. Yep, I’ve had three of these little lovelies – in three years.

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